Crafting Cthuloid Crochet


These are creatures that are no longer immediately available, but that I have made in the past, and I could create something similar for you!

All the images can be zoomed in on. The assorted creatures and corals are all crocheted by hand by me!

The corals came about because I've been experimenting with crocheting hyperbolic surfaces. The monsters started because I wanted to make a small, cute cuddly Cthulhu. From a basic stuffed doll concept I experimented.

All filling materials comply with current British safety regulations. I wouldn't recommend giving these to small children though - some types of eyes could probably be bitten off by a determined enough child, and that would just end badly! They are, however, excellent gifts for any geek in your life, or anyone who is a fan of amigurumi (or, as in a couple of cases I've been told of, your cat might like one!).

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