Crafting Cthuloid Crochet

Green sparkly many-tentacled Cthulhu!

Well, mainly today I wanted to show you the new additions to my inventory, but I also wanted to bounce a little about my Facebook page going over the 100 likes barrier! It makes me feel happy, and popular, and gives me some hope of success! (Now I just need to translate some of that into orders!)

Green Sparkly Cthulhu

These Cthulhu will be heading over to Pulp Fiction next weekend. If anyone wishes to snap them up first, the smaller one with the long hair in bunches is £9.50 and the larger one with the many, many tentacles is £15 (plus P&P as below unless you're local, in which case postage can probably be avoided). If you are interested, please email - first come first served! (There are more pictures on my Facebook page, due to storage limits at this site.)

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