Crafting Cthuloid Crochet

You too can have your own custom made dragon!

Exact cost of each dragon will depend upon materials, but approximately £65 for something along the lines of the red/orange, red/white, blue or purple baby dragons featured here.

 Standard Royal Mail postage rates apply, dependent on weight, see here for more detail. I do not charge for packaging materials, only basic postage.

Packages to outside the UK will be sent by air mail unless otherwise requested. Airmail is normally within 4 weeks. You will be informed once your dragon is dispatched.


Order your own baby dragon - custom made to order!

Please bear in mind that there is a waiting list - I will confirm a 'latest your dragon will be posted' date when I receive your order, but feel free to contact me regarding availability first. The date quoted will be a conservative estimate - I will finish and post your dragon as soon as possible, but guarantee it will be by the quoted date. The dragons each take me about three weeks to make.

I need you to specify which colours you would like (main colour and contrast colour). I usually use acrylic yarn in bright colours. If you would like another yarn to be used, please contact me - I will be happy to make your dragon exactly as you wish, though be aware that there will be a premium yarn supplement for yarns I need to buy in especially. This will never be more than the cost of the yarn.

Order Details Form - Please submit to tell me what you want me to make for you! I will get back to you with a quote and time estimate. Please bear in mind that I will need around 3 weeks to make your dragon.

Main Colour Requested
Contrast Colour
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