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You can also look at my Facebook page!

Branching Out

I've been experimenting with other types of artistic endeavour. If you'd like to see my drawings, please have a look at my Facebook page!


A Cthulhu, just for you...

 Large Green Sparkle Cthulhu

Ceased to Trade

I have officially ceased to trade as of last April (I keep giving things away rather than charging for them anyway). Pulp Fiction in Edinburgh still has some stock, so you can buy my creations from there until they run out. I will still be creating, but just for fun for the foreseeable future. 

It's been a while...


I have been rather better at updating my Facebook page than my website lately.
Just to let you know, you can still buy from me directly - drop me an email letting me know what you want and I'll get back to you with a quote and timescale.
I've been rather busy, and am in the process of moving from Edinburgh to London.
Pulp Fiction Bookstore will still be stocking my wares in Edinburgh, but I have yet to find an outlet in London.

Creations at Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction CthulhuSome of my creations in the window of Pulp Fiction Book Store in Edinburgh.

Whitby Goth Weekend!

My creations will be on sale this November in Whitby. This is exciting. It's years since I've managed to make it, but at least a part of me shall be there this time, and maybe I'll be able to go in person in the near-ish future?

Here is a preview of some of the creatures that will be on sale. (Please see my Facebook page for more information: )

 Cthulhu Congregation

Angelic Cthulhu!

Angelic CthulhuThis angelic Cthulhu was made as a commission, but I think I shall make a few more of them, as I am rather happy with how it turned out. Who needs one of these for their Christmas Tree?
I will be selling them at £12 each, though am willing to agree a discount if you want a set. The colour can of course be varied. Please email me if you would like one! 

Green sparkly many-tentacled Cthulhu!

Well, mainly today I wanted to show you the new additions to my inventory, but I also wanted to bounce a little about my Facebook page going over the 100 likes barrier! It makes me feel happy, and popular, and gives me some hope of success! (Now I just need to translate some of that into orders!)

Green Sparkly Cthulhu

These Cthulhu will be heading over to Pulp Fiction next weekend. If anyone wishes to snap them up first, the smaller one with the long hair in bunches is £9.50 and the larger one with the many, many tentacles is £15 (plus P&P as below unless you're local, in which case postage can probably be avoided). If you are interested, please email - first come first served! (There are more pictures on my Facebook page, due to storage limits at this site.)

Cthulhu tea cosy!

I'm quite proud of how this tea cosy turned out, now I need to finish the next green one I'm doing to check my grasp of dimensions, then do the blue & white one that has been ordered. Currently I'll only be making these to order, and price will depend on size and yarn/yarns used.

 Cthulhu Tea Cosy
There are more pictures on my Facebook page, if you'd like to have a look!

New £5 crochet Cthulhu specimens

A couple of new Cthulhu and a Shoggoth are heading to Pulp Fiction, where they will be on sale at the bargain price of £5 each.

I also have a couple of new designs that I've done as commissions, which I should be able to post soon. (As they are gifts, it would be somewhat impolite to advertise them until after the originals have been gifted.) Please remember that if you want something specific along the general lines of what you see here, just email! 

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