Crafting Cthuloid Crochet

Postage Prices

Royal Mail have recently increased their postage prices. In response, I have decided that I will charge exact postage fees, and will no longer charge for packaging materials. This means that the following prices will apply to most products:

UK/Europe: £2.70
Rest of World: £3.30

I will, of course, combine postage on multiple items. Anything that I put on here as stock, I will make a note of postage costs if they exceed the above. For any commissions I will discuss postage costs along with timescale. (In the UK, postage costs are unlikely to exceed this limit - please see the link below if you would like to see the source for these prices and more detail.)

Dragons are somewhat heavier than most of the Cthulhu. I will weigh the next few to allow postage cost to be stated.  

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